My ‘Stocks’

My Language arts class read The Westing Game. One of the characters is named Turtle. She keeps track of stocks. We also ‘bought’ stocks and kept track of them throughout the month. I invested in Starbucks, Petco, Lululemon, Apple, and Costco. The most I’ve earned is over four hundred dollars. But when I checked my stocks on May 31, I was down nearly three hundred dollars! This experience was really fun, even though stocks seem like something only adults understand. I really enjoyed this project.

My TED Talk: Red Wolves

In our Language Arts class, each student had to create a TED like Talk about something they love. I, naturally, chose the Red Wolves.

Choosing a topic was challenging for some classmates, but for me, it was really an easy choice! The next step was to research. That fact part was not to hard, I used two to three sources, but the photo part was very challenging. We had to use copyright free photos, and it took a while to find photos that were one, copyright free, and two, of actually a Red Wolf, and not of some random wolf.

After that, it was creating a slideshow. That went smooth, and my slideshow looked awesome! One of my favorite slides was a slide that asked you to find the difference between a Red Wolf and a coyote.

The actual presentation part was the most scary. I had to stand up in front of all my classmates and speak my TED like Talk. Sometimes, this can be very nerve wracking, since I don’t know what my classmates are think. But after I got started, that feeling slowly dissolved.

After I presented, I felt really good! My classmates liked my talk, and I loved talking in front of people. I had so much fun!


In my Language Arts class, we read a book called The Last Cuentista. It was basically about keeping stories alive. It’s really important to keep precious stories alive because they might be lost forever!

In class, we also made Ideal World Stories! They are basically what we think is the ideal world. Mine is Planet Canis Dragon. Based off my love of wolves, horses, and dragons. The only animals in my ideal world are wolves, dragons, horses, cats, and hybrids between any two of these species. It’s really a beautiful planet, though I am the only human allowed to visit it. Hunting is strictly forbidden on my planet. Anyone who hunts or kills another animal is automatically killed themselves. I had such a great time creating my ideal world!

For a few classes, we made handmade books with the artist Peg Gignoux. We used pieces of nature make Akua ink printing, then we collaged the artworks into scenes. I made mine about my ideal world. I even created little collage animals!

I had so much fun making this book! I really think the ideal world for me is just me and my animals.

A Project that I Enjoyed

In History this year, we were told to make a ‘recipe’ for the Persian Empire. We were learning about the Persians for some time, and our teacher gave us this task as a fun challenge. I made ‘Banana Bread of the Persian Empire’ for my recipe. It has ingredients like: two cups of Kindness Flour and one teaspoon of salty taxes.

I made a procedure that actually could appear in a recipe book. With steps like: Mix the temples and the social hierarchy together until a complex social organization forms. I made a graphic for this recipe as well! I had so much fun making this food metaphor. 

My Ideal World

Planet Canis Dragon

By Jennifer

This is Planet Canis Dragon. The animals that live here are wolves, dragons, cats, and horses. The plant life on this planet is futuristic. There are plants that respond to sound, touch, smell. How to get to Planet Canis Dragon? Well, just go through the black hole in the middle of the Milky Way. There is a way out of the black hole, but humans haven’t figured it out yet by your tiny ape brains. I am the only human that can access the planet. Therefore, I am a genius. Any other human, creature, or object who tries to enter the black hole will die.

 On Canis Dragon, every creature is immortal, but in a different way than you might first imagine. Creatures can choose when to die and when to age. The law of the planet is, if someone kills another living thing, including plants, on purpose without good reason, the person, or creature, will die. Watch out, evil hunters! There is a plant called the Cornucopia that grants whatever food you want, so there is no need to kill. Any object or creature that manages to get through the black hole will disintegrate or get stretched into nothing when entering the planet. 

 The air on Canis Dragon is toxic to humans, except for me and the animals and the plants that are native, so humans will die even if they breathe one tiny gasp of the air. The reason I survive is because the animals choose who lives and who dies. The bad days on this planet are when acid rain falls and everything has to find shelter until the rain stops. All the plants have an acid rain shield built into them that they can activate when acid rain falls. Planet Canis Dragon is a beautiful planet that you may not want to choose as your next vacation spot.

Museum Field Trip

Last Friday, my grade went to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC, USA. It was super fun! There were lots of exhibits about animals and science. My favorite was the one about snakes because one of the snakes followed my finger around. It was very cute.

A lot of the exhibits had real animals that were stuffed. I particularly didn’t enjoy that because I don’t know if they found the animal dead or they killed it. I hoped it was the first. It had a red wolf, which is one of the most endangered canines on Earth. I was in a pretty bad mood after that. I really hope they did not kill the red wolf.

Our main exhibit was an exhibit about race, and how humans made up this concept of race. The exhibit used to have a lot of ‘hands on’ activities but now it’s just mainly posters. But it was still very interesting. We did a reflection at the end. Overall, the trip was fabulous!

Window or Mirror?

I am reading The Bellmaker by Brian Jacques. A mirror book is a book that reflects and relates to you in some way. A window book is a book that does not reflect you. This book is more of a window to me because it is fantasy and there are talking animals. I often choose window books because I want to see the outside world. I don’t just want to see myself reflected, I want to see something else. Another reason why this book is a window is because in this book, the problem is an evil fox who kills and imprisons a lot of animals. 

I really like this book and it’s actually the 7th in the series. I love fiction because I’m really tired of our normal world. I like creative, imaginative stories better than stories with humans in it, unless they’re background characters.


Endangered Animals #2: Amur Leopard

This is another post on endangered animals! Today, the animal is the beautiful but critically endangered Amur Leopard! 

Again, these posts are NOT ordered from most to least endangered. These are random!


Status: Critically Endangered

Population: 70

Scientific name: Panthera pardus orientalis

Habitat: Temperate, Broadleaf, and Mixed Forests

Diet: deer, boar, and rodent


The Amur Leopard has adapted to life in the temperate forests, the northern region of the species range. There are only about 70 left in the wild! 


Description: Amur leopards have paler pelts than other leopards. They have thick, unbroken rings.


Amur leopards are important to its habitat.

Fun Facts!

  1.  The Amur Leopard can run at speeds up to 37 miles per hour!
  2. They live for 10-15 years!
  3. Also known as the Far East leopard, the Manchurian leopard, or the Korean leopard!

Wisdom Tales Project


My classmates and I all did a project on a wisdom tale we liked. Wisdom Tales is a book with a lot of different tales that all have different morals. I did a comic about a tale called Old Dog and Coyote. 


Old Dog and Coyote is a tale from Mexico. It is about an old watchdog, who has failed to do his job and has been sent out into the desert to find his own food. He met a coyote who offered to help him. The coyote would pace around the chicken coop and the dog would pretend to growl at him. The farmer was happy that the dog was doing his job. Each day, the coyote and the dog would do their trick. 


I had so much fun drawing the comic and coloring in the elaborate coyote.